Ajnara Sports City Price List And Different Payment


Ajanara Sports City is giving away dream home at an open environment filled with greenery at an unbelievable price. Now when the real estate market has grown a lot, and getting homes has become a matter of concern due to high market price, Ajnara Sports City is available in just unbelievable rate.

If you look at the price list, Ajnara Sports City has brought various different payment process. Ajnara Sports City has 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK with different floor size. You can also get the inaugural discount of two hundred rupees per square feet. For apartment price various plans are available at various affordable rates. You can make down payment of only 10 percent and rest you can pay on possession. Rest eighty percent via bank loan within thirty days. And rest ten percent on possessions.

Please find the rate list for your convenience so that you can decide your booking now:
Rates per square feet:

Floor wise Charge (CLP) Charges per 10:80:10 ratio

1st floor- 2980               –           rupees Rupees 3360
2nd floor- 2965             –           rupees Rupees 3345
3rd floor- 2950             –            rupees Rupees 3330
4th floor- 2935              –            rupees Rupees 3315
5th floor- 2920              –            rupees Rupees 3300
6th floor- 2905              –            rupees Rupees 3285
7th floor- 2890              –            rupees Rupees 3270
8th floor- 2875              –            rupees Rupees 3255
9th floor- 2860              –           rupees Rupees 3240
10th floor- 2875            –            rupees Rupees 3225
11th floor- 2830             –           rupees Rupees 3210
12th floor- 2815             –            rupees Rupees 3195
12th A floor- 2800        –            rupees Rupees 3180
14th floor- 2785             –            rupees Rupees 3165
15th floor- 2770             –            rupees Rupees 3150
16th floor- 2755             –            rupees Rupees 3135
17th floor- 2740             –            rupees Rupees 3120
18th floor- 2725             –            rupees Rupees 3105
19th floor- 2710             –            rupees Rupees 3090
20th floor- 2695            –            rupees Rupees 3075
21st floor- 2680             –            rupees Rupees 3060
22nd floor- 2665           –            rupees Rupees 3045
23rd floor- 2650            –            rupees Rupees 3030
24th floor- 2635            –            rupees Rupees 3015

** Service charges will be extra.

AJNARA REAL ESTATE GROUP The other charges of club membership are 75000 rupees. For car parking the cost is separate depending on the road facing. But if you are choosing ten percent down payment and rest 80 percent via bank loan and the residue ten percent via on possession then the charges per square feet is different.
The price rate is unbeatable in the market. Get your dream home now in Delhi NC

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