Luxury Apartments In Supertech Golf Village


Supertech Golf Village is a wonderful greenery concept and contemporary need for every country. Supertech has not stopped with Golf Village Eco village I and Eco village II and continues with this newly started residential project with the name of Supertech Golf Village Flat. This residential project too utilizes the power, which is generated from the solar energy. All the apartments are supplied with the same solar generated power. In this way it continues to be working eco friendly and so people friendly on the earth with less harm to the environment. It is located in Sector 4 in Greater Noida.

Supertech Golf Village have provided beautiful and luxurious apartments to over 10,000 families. This new project is going to provide the same Eco friendly, beautiful and luxurious houses to four thousand of families similar to its predecessors. These apartments are not just Eco friendly, but pocket friendly also. The lifestyle is going to be completely different and promising once the residential family life has been started here.


Suptertech Real Estate Group which was founded in 1998, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and has become synonymous to the architectural excellence. It has led the real estate industry to the new heights, which were never experienced before. Supertech has come with unique and never before concept of ecological sustainability with the far vision of saving the planet by reducing the harm by reducing the pollution. Having achieved “Udyog Ratan” award for the company and “Excellence” award for the chairperson & CMD, it continues to step towards greater heights with newer eco sustainable projects like Eco village 3. It’s existing and forth coming projects are spread over many places of India like Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Meerut, Moradabad and Rudrapur.


This gated community has been located in Sector 4. This is located quite nearer to Indira Gandhi Airport and is maximum 2 kilometers far. Within these 2 kilometers, the residents can find all the commercial requirements like ATMs, Schools, Bus stop, Hospitals etc.


  • Out of the entire community space, over 80% of the landscape area is untouched for construction only for the sake of providing open greenery environment to the families residing here.
  • The power utilized for this entire mini-township is generated by the solar power and also stored as power back up.
  • Utilization of the natural resources is not stopped with the solar power, water is also efficiently used from rain water harvesting.
  • Wi-Fi is facilitated throughout the complex enabling the communication to be available for every moment.
  • Intercom is provided for communication among all the residents within this mini-township. These intercoms also can be used to access the administrative office and security.
  • Four sided open premises for each house and apartment gives the best way for ventilation and ease of moving to go in any part of the mini-township easily.
  • The first pub in the country which is eco sustainable and named as Planet-X would be readily available for the weekend recreation among all the residents. Here McDonald, Café coffee days and yo China are made available fulfilling vast and diverse food habits and tastes of the residents.
  • Special club houses are built for social recreation to meet, talk and ideate with the neighbors in this mini-township. This social club is named and called as eco-hub and are scattered in four places in this place.
  • Special beach house is designed with creative mindset for facilitating the beach environment to the residents. These artificial beaches make you relax and meditate and pass through your inner world deeper and deepest.
  • Amphitheaters are made available that facilitate presentations, parties and many other occasions in open space.
  • Customer care is readily available for you at your service for round the clock.
  • Every kitchen is given with reticulated gas supply for no interruptions in cooking.
  • Shop within the complex in the shopping malls present within the compound.

Like in western countries, the garbage is treated in house through house garbage treatment plan. So, waste management is not a management task for the residents for cleanly environment.

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