Best Sites for Guest Posting for Back Linking

Guest posting is one of the prominent methods to write and publish articles for other websites. The guest blogger writes for similar blogs in the industry and pulls some of the traffic back to your websites. It is also one of the greatest ways for search engine optimization as it allows for backlinking opportunities. The more backlinks a website has it adds with more chances of being ranked well. Blogs that Accept Guest Posts / Blogs that Accept Guest Posts / Blogs that Accept Guest Posts / Blogs that Accept Guest Posts / Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Build an expert profile or niche with guest blogging

Your guest posts include a byline and are often highlighted by the editor of the websites as written by a “guest author.” Depending on the websites or publication, you may or may not receive remuneration for the guest post you have written. Some of the guest post sites offer non-monetary rewards. It adds social media account mentions or website link that also allows driving traffic back to your websites. By guest blogging, you can also build your profile as an expert in your niche. You can also grow your brand and further expand your audiences in the form of social media followers and subscribers.

Advantages of guest blogging:

  • To get high-quality targeted and niche-specific backlinks
  • To drive more targeted traffic to the websites
  • For increasing our website domain authority with search engine rankings for the targeted pages along with targeted search items.
  • For the branding purpose
  • To build a relationship with other bloggers and also to connect with their blog readers
  • To show your expertise with specific topics for improving your overall writing skills

Some of the benefits of guest blogging are:

  • Get introduced to a new audience
  • Build brand trust
  • Free the backlinks
  • Increase the online presence and authority
  • Grow the social media following
  • Generation of leads

It adds to guest blog posting practices. Here are some sure methods:

Become an expert in your field: You need to set yourself apart from competitors. You can get expertise in your field and also create exclusive content which adds to the credibility and validation of the blogs.

Creation of an effective pitch: Creation of personalized pitch as you must know with whom you are pitching. It includes the blogs on the websites and their audience which is put to demonstrate knowledge or credibility.

Value your relationships and networks: At times your pitch for your guest post may get rejected by the publication. You can still build your networks and also maintain relationships so that different posts you write may get accepted in the future.

Some of the popular guest posting sites are:

  • Pepper Content’
  • Copyblogger
  • Social media examiner
  • CMO Australia
  • Hubspot
  • Design Milk
  • Business Insider
  • Smashing Magazine
  • TechCrunch
  • PandaDoc
  • MarketingProfs
  • Medium
  • ShoutMeLoud
  • Mashable
  • Readwrite
  • Inkwell Editorial
  • ShoutMetech
  • Web Design Ledger
  • Daily Blog Tips
  • Innovation Management
  • Ignite Visibility

Some of the few additional tips for guest blogging are:

  • Determine your goals first
  • Find all opportunities
  • Shortlist of guest posting sites
  • Get some of the topic ideas together
  • Create a pitch
  • Prepare your post
  • Follow up and
  • Track results
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