Gaur Smart Homes

Gaur Smart Homes 3 BHK apartments are starting from the range of INR 4615000 for the 1300 square feet apartments. And the prices mentioned above are according to the construction linked plan whereas if you choose the down payment plan the price of the apartments are little less than these amounts. The price of the apartments according to the down payment plan starts from INR 2886525 and ranges to INR 4387500. The each square feet charge differ in both the plans so the prices also differ.  The other charges are like the extra charge of INR 100 per square feet for the apartments which are park facing. The floor PLC of the apartments ranges from INR 400 to INR 50 from the ground floor to the 22nd floor and for the 23rd floor and above it there is no such charge. The car parking charge and electric metre installation charges are to be added to the above mentioned price.


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